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Executive Assistant

Special Olds is a student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She is majoring in Business Marketing and has a minor in Theatre and Computer Science.

Special loves to travel, cooking, reading books, watching places, spending time with family and friends, and tutoring children.

Special goals are to graduate from UNLV, start her career at a Marketing Firm, and starting her own businesses.

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Grant Specialist

Rushelli Luna is a pioneer and industry leader, a nonprofit expert, providing ambitious planning, management and development services to organizations invested in low-income areas and underserved communities. Ms. Luna has many roles, she is first a loving mother of two beautiful girls, setting an example and creating so many teachable moments for her children. Ms. Luna has always desired to give back and create a specific structure catered to nonprofits to provide change for communities of color that are underserved and impacted by systems that are not set up for their success. Ms. Luna has been a specialist for more than ten years.  Rushelli's objective is to build impactful leaders across the world, helping nonprofits at every stage. Ms. Luna is an amazing Poet and Author of “My eyes admirable Her Beauty Poems in Reflection of Mom & Cancer” published in 2019 and “The 21 Day Fundraiser Challenge: The Nonprofit Guide to Creating Successful Fundraisers” published in May 2020.



Senior Publicist

Brittany Miller is the Serial CEO of Brittany Miller Brand, which houses 5 sub-brands that are geared towards women's empowerment and advancement.


She spends her days mothering, catering to a wonderful husband, designing, strategizing, mentoring, and ministering to the many women that she crosses paths with and serve.  She is a risk-taker and trail blazer. She left her corporate job to pursue her dreams and live in her purpose.

Now, as a Celebrity & Small Business Publicist & Branding Expert, Brittany is proud to hold the position in life that allows her to help other women experience career freedom.

Brittany owns one of the few companies around that goes above and beyond for clients in the Public Relations and Branding industry. 

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Lead Publicist

Helen Bohanna is the CEO of Bohanna Marketing, LLC, and She Knows Her Sports, and she is a Lead Publicist with the Brittany Miller Brand. Helen Has an Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies (2006) and a Bachelor of Business Degree with a concentration in Entertainment & Sports Marketing (2011). With over 10 years worth of marketing experience, she has earned her status as an overall veteran Marketing Communications Specialist.

Helen is a tom girl, loving all things sports-related. She also likes to stay active by dancing and exercising. In her free time, Helen loves to travel, spend time with family and friends, listen to old school hip-hop and r & b, giving back, and eating good food. With the growing popularity in both the sports and marketing industries, Helen works hard every day to make sure that her work speaks for itself is that her clients and collaborative partners are top priority in her career.


Her next goal(s) is to become a sports agent, have her own agency, and open a sports facility in honor of her late father Warren Russell Johnson.



Event Planner

Deja Towns is a serial entrepreneur who started as an entrepreneur in 2016 . After working for multiple customer service positions , financial institutes and even in the healthcare field, she took a leap of faith and branched out on her own starting her first business Women That Hustle. Women That Hustle  is an agency for women  in the field of makeup artist , hair stylist , photographers, and models . Since 2016 she became a licensed insurance agent in the healthcare industry and building her business with several  health care providers. She also has an event planning and party rental business called  Dunamis Events as well as a mug business called That's My Mean Mug, that she launched in 2020 . Deja is responsible for providing photographers , makeup artist , hair stylist ,and models from Women That Hustle as well as planning events through Dunamis Events  for Urban Not Average



Social Media Manager

Siangay Jamison is a multi-hyphenated social media connoisseur and manager. She is a Public Relations major at William Paterson University of New Jersey. Siangay loves fashion, traveling, trying out new restaurants, and spending time with friends and family. Her goals are to become a CEO of a successful company, network with like minded people as well as serve and travel the world. 



Board Member

A native of Birmingham, AL, WiL Fields has been a lover of the written word from the time he could write his first alphabet. A graduate of Alabama A&M University, WiL received his BA in English with a minor in political science. After graduation, he and his father founded Fields & Associates, LLC, a nonprofit thinktank and incubation center that helped individuals form and fund nonprofit organizations. Over the next five years, WiL aided in the creation of over 200 nonprofits throughout the United States and procured more than 8.5 million dollars in funding. 

Needing to expand his knowledge while noticing the glaring absence of African American attorneys, WiL made the difficult yet rewarding decision to attend law school. He graduated from the Charleston School of Law in December 2019 in the top third of his class. He has since become a licensed attorney in his home state of Alabama with an expertise in business law. Always seeking to help, always evolving, WiL is using his love for the written word and his legal knowledge to aid nonprofits that truly wish to make a difference.



Board Member

Kendra Hall is an author, survivor, mentor/public speaker, and award-winning advocate. As a current resident of New Jersey, Kendra Hall works to resolve hopelessness locally and throughout the country with the goal of obtaining her life-long mission of leveling-up in life by inspiring others with her triumphant story of survival and success. Kendra has written her first self-help book entitled, “Dropping Jewelz: Guiding Principles to Help Girls Live Their Best Life”, available on Amazon. She is spreading hope through the understanding that the power to succeed comes from within and not without, and by letting youth know that support is available. By teaching a philosophy of hope she inspires others to maximize their life, no matter the obstacle. Kendra hopes to help as many people as she can succeed in life.

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Board Member

Born in Trinidad and Tobago , come to Boston , Ma at the age of 6. Going in the area of Roxbury , basketball was a great outlet for me to stay out of trouble. At the age of 19 I was offered the opportunity to coach my high school CYO team which we went on to win the cities. Even since then I feel in with coaching basketball. 10 years later also coaching in all the women’s tournaments I started up a semi-pro women’s program ( The Boston Bombers ) out of the WBCBL. Later on I take a try at the ABA men’s division and continued a successful program. Now in 2021 I have embarked on a team in the WABA ( The New England TrailBlazers) which I plan on hiring at least 80% Women on my staff to give them the opportunity to one day own there own team or get other job opportunities on the college or nba level.



Board Member

Ashley “A’Jai” Necole is known for being a former college basketball coach and being the co-creator of the Extreme Execution Training Curriculum & Playbook. 


Her passion is being a mental strength coach to empower others game of life and helping people find their clarity and inner strength to press forward and beyond to reach success. 


Her main goal is to establish an empowerment center chain globally that provides our communities and youth with an environment, people, resources, and opportunities that allow our youth and families to grow organic way familiar, and effective for them. 



CEO & Founder

Mrs. Shandrea Moody-Wilson is a Los Angeles born native of California.  As a mother of student athletes, she is well aware of the commitment it takes to nurture youths into reaching their full capabilities as outstanding athletes.  In her urban community Shandrea is a fun spirit who draws families, friends, and the community out to social events so that they can connect socially and to support great causes.


Although 2020, has had several profound setbacks, I am happy to state  UNA will continue use this time wisely to create effective programs designed to respond to current community protocols to keep our youths safe while playing and learning. We also will continue to reach key 2020 goals buy supporting student success scholarships to urban youths, sponsor many youths nationwide, as well as stabling and establishing  key partnerships that will launch us to starting 2021 with the infrastructures needed for program delivery and overall success. 



Board Member

Ashlee Akins is from the beautiful city of
Jackson, Tennessee. Throughout her
school life she continued to participate
in extracurricular activities and always
seemed to stand out. Ashlee knew that
her life would soon take a turn for the
best she was just patiently waiting.
As time progressed, Ashlee obtained a
Bachelor’s degree in Speech pathology
and Audiology, and works
as a Speech Therapist, TV Personality and Community Activist.


Ashlee’s personality just doesn’t stop right there. Moving to the amazing land of
opportunities, Atlanta was the best
decision for Ashlee. She went on to
become a finalist for the Falcon
Cheerleaders twice, a semi-finalist for
the Atlanta Hawks Cheerleaders,
appeared in music videos, acting roles in
short independent films and modeling. She continues to act, host event, reel in the crowds and pour back into the community. She is also currently the Coach of the Georgia Spartans Dance Team.


Jasmine Higgins 
Human Resources 

Jasmine Higgins is a Human Resources professional who partners with CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs focused on enhancing human capital for small businesses and non-profit organizations.

After spending nearly a decade working in HR for multimillion dollar companies and non-profit organizations, Jasmine knows what truly drives bottom line results by reducing financial risks that come from people management. She is a subject matter expert in area/s of full-cycle Recruitment, On-boarding  and Staff Management, Benefit Administration, Training  and Development, HR Administration and the development of organizational culture.

Jasmine began her HR career at a San Diego based non-profit organization, where she spent two years as a Human Resources Generalist and an additional year as a Human Resource Manager. During her tenure, Jasmine assisted with HR technology implementation, open enrollment, policy & procedure development, wellness programs, and the organization's recruiting and onboarding efforts.

Jasmine then moved to a Benefits Administration company, where she worked for several years as a Benefits Implementation Specialist. Jasmine earned her Certification in Human Resources Management from University of California San Diego (UCSD).